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Have you ever stepped back and truly looked at your entire redevelopment program (formal or informal)?  Our team will step into your community with a fresh set of eyes and no agenda.  We’ll examine a wide array of tangible and intangible components in your community that will guide us to developing solid recommendations that will assist you in the next steps of your revitalization efforts.

Are your revitalization efforts stuck or stalled?

Are there past planning efforts on the shelf that haven’t been implemented?

How can you make revitalization happen in this economy?

Do you know what the next step is?

The goal of the assessment is to develop an informed, current understanding of the gaps or needs that exist in the community, and then provide a simple plan to help your community become competitive in today’s market.

Get fresh perspectives from five seasoned professionals – on the street and in your community – for an intensive assessment evaluation.  No lengthy drawn-out timeframe!  We offer an affordable on-site assessment approach that begins with a review of information relevant to your situation, followed by two full days in your community.  The first day will include an intensive investigation.  The second day will involve a team work session focused on recommendations and solutions.  In less than a week we complete our reconnaissance and provide you with a succinct report  of steps you can implement immediately.

Our team represents a broad range of disciplines: economic development, market analysis, real estate development, redevelopment, community planning, urban design, business and retail design and public policy.  We will bring you fresh ideas to kick-start a project or simply re-energize an effort that is already underway.

Affordable assessments start at $5,000, but will be individually priced based on your community size and needs.

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Thank you to those who attended “Tough Love and Downtown Revitalization” recently in Neenah.

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